1:1 Coaching


Recovering from an eating disorder or disordered eating usually takes a team effort. While I can’t be your sole supporter, I can help you take action to prioritize your recovery and regain the ownership over your life. I can help you navigate life beyond food and fitness.

I can help you get in tune with your own intuition around food and your body so you can feel confident listening to your truth and not someone else’s.

And I can help you set up strategies for healing, caring for yourself, and moving forward so you can make room for things most important. Living YOUR life!


There’s often a stigma around the word recovery. You do not have to have been diagnosed with an eating disorder or disordered eating to decide to recover. You do not have to hit rock bottom to decide to get back up. You don’t have to decide to do it alone because you’re not ‘sick enough.’ You can decide to recover from any of the following (there’s even more) and still ask for support.

  • An eating disorder (alongside the traditional treatment team)
  • Chronic dieting/yo-yo dieting
  • Disordered eating or food obsession
  • Negative body/self image
  • An unhealthy preoccupation with health and wellness
  • Feelings of not deserving, unworthiness, perfectionist tendencies, people pleasing, and the need to be in control
  • Limiting beliefs, mental blocks and/or trauma


  • Learning to recognize and reject the eating disorder and/or diet mentality
  • Creating or strengthening your inner personal intuition
  • Releasing limiting beliefs and emotional blocks
  • Learning how to set boundaries, advocate for yourself, and feel empowered
  • Aligning your daily choices and intentions with your values
  • Setting up sustainable self care strategies that support recovery
  • Finding your natural intuitive eater
  • Neutralizing all foods and trusting yourself to honor your body’s needs
  • Shifting from ‘exercise’ to ‘movement’ mindset
  • Increasing the pleasure, fun, and adventure in your life
  • Recognizing and believing your own beauty and worth
  • Graciously learning to accept yourself and your body


“Before our meetings, I planned every single thing I put into my body to a T. I stressed constantly about my next meal and ensured that I ate as “healthy” (low carb) as I could, just in case the next meal would be “junk.” Since working with Katie I now listen to my body when it comes to food. I no longer try to tell myself I am hungry based on what time of day it is, but rather, listening to my inner cues of when I am hungry and what I feel like having. I would definitely recommend Katie. I am currently seeing a therapist who specializes in relationships with food, however, I don’t feel that she has given me nearly as much to work off of (goals and journaling). Thank you for challenging me and helping me grow. I am forever grateful!” ~Jenna

“Prior to working with Katie, I was not willing to touch any of the ‘messy stuff’ that may have given rise to my problems, as I did not know how or where to start. All I knew is that I am not confident in myself – my body especially, and my decision-making ability. Ever since working with Katie, I have had a mindset shift for sure, in that I am so much more than my physical body. I have certainly gained more clarity around who I am, and what I value in my relationships. I am more forgiving of myself for not have done this sooner, or faster etc., but instead focusing on the things I can do in order to craft a beautiful future. If you are doubting embarking this journey, I encourage you to take a leap of faith and dive in. You are in trustworthy hands!”  ~GS

“My relationship with food and myself was not great, lots of self-confidence issues and low self-esteem. Since working with Katie, I’ve learned that you are always a work in progress. I’m paying more attention to my cues, working on releasing control and trying to go with the flow more in life – in general too! 🙂 It also helped me shed light on my own coaching clients and methods.” ~Ashley

“Katie is very personable and caring. She is a great listener and never judges. What is amazing about Katie is that she is intuitive to your needs and struggles. She gives your practical advice and options to try that aren’t outrageous or uncomfortable. She has a truly caring heart with a passion to help women find their joy again. She is here for you ladies and she wants to help.” ~Karen K.