Do you think dieting will ever go out of style?

That might seem like an odd question but as a health coach I am constantly bombarded by diets, diets and more diets. Just picture the saying, ‘Marsha, Marsha, Marsha’ from the Brady Bunch next time you want to talk about dieting…you’re welcome.

And I was truly one of many that became completely engulfed in this world. I was always looking to see what the next fad diet was. And you better believe that I was going to nail it down 110%.

What did that mean?

That meant that I was only eating at designated meal and snack times (even if I became ‘hangry’-I would just power through, or so I thought), I was a perfect student and diet rule follower (because nobody likes a slacker), I was taking eating ‘healthy’ to the extreme, and I was letting my weight dictate my mood, which was never a good one (everyday like clockwork- step on scale, see number, feel like crap, step off scale, continue diet).

Basically I was completely ignoring my own body’s intuition and I had replaced it with everyone and everything but me.

For 15 years I struggled with anxiety, depression, disordered eating, body shaming, and digestive pain. It felt like something was always wrong or that I was just meant to be doomed. And by doomed, I mean never happy with my body and never ‘normal’ around food.

I tried countless diets, supplements, and programs hoping something would “fix” me.

But nothing ever worked. Sound familiar?

Several years ago I was forced into taking back ownership of my life. I suffered a bad back injury and my exercise routine was completely flushed away. Now don’t think I didn’t go straight for thoughts of food restriction and limiting my calories due to my now ‘couch potato’ life style.

BUT…I had already tried dieting (like too many to count), being hyper focused on my weight, obsessing over pretty much all food, making sure I burned enough calories for the day, and where did that get me?

Hurt– like chronic everyday kinda pain.
Confused– my body’s two gears were either starvation or dealing with the aftermath of my binge or overeating episodes.
Alone– my friends didn’t want to hang out with the girl who always cancelled plans and my husband didn’t want to argue one more time about which foods we ‘should’ be eating.
Afraid– the only Katie I knew and the only life I felt ‘comfortable’ in revolved around dieting and strict food rules, so anything else was definitely in the land of the unknown, left uncertainty, and was unfamiliar.

So what happened?

I chose to take back ownership of my health, my body, and my life.

After a long time of trying to fight it- my body’s own innate wisdom…I finally chose to listen.

I let go, stopped fighting my body, stopped thinking of myself as broken, and listened.

I began to implement the very same principles I now coach my clients on, Intuitive Eating, and I began to see my body as something worthy of compassion instead of always trying to change it into something it was never meant to be.

I left my former career working with animals and became a Certified Holistic Health Coach at the Institute of Integrated Nutrition.

Since then I’ve been thrilled to help women ditch the diet mentality in order to finally find a healthy relationship with food.

But at the end of the day, I am a wife, mom to 5 furry kids, a donut lover, crazy dancer in her underwear at home kinda gal, and someone who literally can’t remember what she ate the day before (this is absolutely amazing by the way).

I get what you’re up against and I’m here to tell you that finding a healthy relationship with food, and with yourself, is 100% within your reach.

💜 Katie

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