What is an Eating Disorder Recovery Coach?

Ever wonder what an Eating Disorder Recovery Coach is?

When I get asked what I do for a living and answer with, “I’m an Eating Disorder Recovery Coach,” I get the typical response of, “That is amazing! But what do you actually do again?”

I get it! 

Many times the traditional treatment method for eating disorders or disordered eating falls in line with a medical doctor, therapist, and dietitian. 

Not many people first think of a coach as being someone that could help.

But over my own 15 year recovery I knew I was missing something after trying all the traditional methods. And that is now what I provide my clients.

In this video I share what exactly I do as an Eating Disorder Recovery Coach and who I help.

If you’re ready to find true body and self acceptance and make peace with food, click on the link below to watch my free 3 part video series, Finding Freedom From Your Eating Disorder, where I share the 3 steps I take my clients through when they’re ready to find that freedom! Click HERE to watch now.

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💜 Katie
Certified Holistic Health Coach
Eating Disorder Recovery Coach

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