3 Ways to Beat the Food Guilt

Honoring your health (with gentle nutrition) is an Intuitive Eating concept that often has a misguided definition. A definition of eating healthy or clean or eliminating sugar or processed foods…all of which just enable the diet mentality.

And when you enable the diet mentality, you move further and further away from honoring your health.

Because Honoring Your Health has so much more to do with your emotional and mental wellness than with the foods you eat.

Is nutrition important? Definitely, but it isn’t everything. And when you decide to make it everything, that’s when the constant thoughts of food creep in, you miss out on the little things in life, your social life takes a backseat, the idea of self acceptance becomes miles away, and your actual health starts to suffer.

Confusing right? How can making nutrition a priority turn into a ‘bad’ thing?

Focusing solely on nutrition leads to experiencing the ‘guilty’ feelings with food.

For example, how many times have you become panicked and anxiety stricken when it came to prepping for a summer vacation (hello swimsuit season) and family get togethers. You then tell yourself you’re going to prep for the future endeavors by really sticking to it this time. No temptations, no mishaps, just you eating super clean and healthy and finally having the willpower. You start to portray the ‘whatever it takes mentality.’

What happens next is what will happen every time you decide to put nutrition solely at the forefront. Guilt starts to trickle in anytime you think about, look at, fantasize, or heaven forbid, eat a food that was deemed off limits.

Guilt really has a nasty way of taking the joy and excitement and adventure out of eating. So how can you prevent this from happening?

Here are 3 Simple Ways to Beat the Food Guilt:
1. Let go.
Let go of any and all food rules, restrictions, meal limits, snack limits, and anything else that keeps the focus too narrow minded when it comes to food and health. All those guilt traps keep you stuck in the ‘all or nothing’ mentality. Letting go of previous notions about what to eat, when to eat, how much to eat, etc…allows for your own body’s intuition to get back in the drivers seat and start rebuilding the foundation of an intuitive eater.

2. All foods fit.
Removing labels will take away the guilt. Period. No mental sanity has ever come from labeling foods as good vs bad, healthy vs unhealthy, processed vs clean. Labeling is the fuel for guilty eating, so once you can remove the stigma behind certain foods that you’ve deemed forbidden or off limits, you can finally begin to make peace with food.

3. Eat the foods that guilt you the most.
This is often the hardest and most fear provoking step. But fear brings about courage and courage is the antidote for guilty feelings. If you don’t believe me, try this step out! The moment you allow yourself to eat all foods with unconditional permission, you will find the cravings diminish, the obsessive thoughts become a thing of the past, and you will actually get excited to eat food and not see it as a chore.

Following these 3 steps will help remove the guilt from eating and bring you closer to taking back ownership of your health, body, and life!

Honoring your health is all about finding your voice again. Not letting the next diet, cleanse, detox, fitness app, mapped out meal plans, or exercise routines dictate what is best for you and your body. It is your time to honor your health by eating the foods you love, guilt free!

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💜 Katie
Certified Holistic Health Coach

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