4 Ways to Move Through the Uncomfortable Feelings

Many times when we face a challenge, limiting belief, or insecurity we are often met with anxiety, fear, hesitation, overwhelm, or resistance.

We then decide that whatever we’re planning on doing wasn’t worth it, we can’t do it, we don’t have enough willpower for it, or we’re not good enough…and then we stop. We become inactive in our own life.

The inaction is what hurts us. The inaction is what what keeps us feeling ‘stuck.’ And the inaction is what feeds our insecurities and our inner critic.

But here is the amazing piece. And truthfully the simplicity behind it all. Action is the gateway to growth.

It sounds so simple doesn’t it?

To move from point A to point B, you must take that step. But…the fear, the anxiety, the overwhelm, the hesitation, and the resistance often gets in our way. WE get in our way.

So how do we step aside and allow ourselves to grow?

For example, I am currently running a 5 Day Forbidden Food Challenge in my private Facebook group (Eat Freely: Intuitive Eating & Body Positive) for women who want to kick dieting to the curb and find a healthy relationship with food.

Challenging a forbidden food list can be a massive undertaking, and all of those uncomfortable feelings I was mentioning above will start to surface. And the surfacing of those feelings will often cause the inaction.

So today I did a live video talking about 4 tips you can implement when those start to creep in. Click HERE and request to join to catch the replay!

Here are my 4 Tips To Keep You Moving Through Uncomfortable Feelings:
1. It’s temporary.
The uncomfortable feelings will not last forever. When you allow yourself to actually ‘feel’ them, you can them process them and move on. The problem and overwhelm comes when you try to avoid or deflect them. Become aware, feel the feelings, allow your body to process them, and move on.

2. Understand where the ‘feelings’ stem from.
It’s one thing to be aware of your anxiety or fear, but the true growth comes from acknowledging where it began. Finding the root cause instead of treating the symptoms (like dieting, food eliminations, adapting strict ‘rules’, etc…) will allow for long lasting relief. It also begins the trust building process between you and your body.

3. Keep moving.
What ‘movement’ looks like for you is pertinent to YOU alone. For example, instead of doing a 5 day forbidden food challenge, maybe you start with 1 day a week. Because that action is doable for you. Even if you are hovering with one foot up in the air ready to take that step, that is movement! Nothing is ever too small. Celebrate those wins!

4. Reach out to your support system.
Please do not feel like you are meant to do this alone. That you are a burden to your support system or you feel that your ‘problem’ is not worth mentioning. If it causes inaction for you, it is worth mentioning. If it causes your life to halt, if it causes you to miss out on events that are important to you or prevents you from living your fullest in any sort of manner…reach out for support.

These steps can be used in any scenario where the feelings of anxiety, fear, or overwhelm come into play and cause hesitation, resistance or inaction.

It’s all about being present in the moment and working through it. Understanding that it’s okay if those feelings come up, because they often do, but knowing you have a choice in how YOU respond.

As I mentioned before, action is the gateway to growth.

In the comments below, share your best tip for working through the anxiety, fear, or overwhelm.

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💜 Katie
Certified Holistic Health Coach
Eating Disorder Recovery Coach

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