10 Things to Consider When Eating Intuitively

How many of you have tried Intuitive Eating and felt like you failed at it?

Wondering what you’ve been doing wrong?

Or is this right for me?

I totally get it! I was there too!

Which is why I want to stop the confusion and get you excited about it once again!

Join me as I talk about what Intuitive Eating actually is, what it is not, and the 10 Things to Consider When Eating Intuitively!

If you found that video helpful and are looking for some added support in the food obsession department with daily posts and weekly videos, head on over to my FREE Facebook Group- Eat Freely to Live Freely! Click HERE to join!

If you are looking for more personalized support with being able to implement these 10 Intuitive Eating considerations into practice without having to feel overwhelmed, confused, or scared, you can apply up for a free consultation call with me HERE!

Can’t wait to meet you!

💜 Katie
Certified Holistic Health Coach
Intuitive Eating & Mindset Mentor

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