Why Overeating Is Natural and a Part of the Healing Journey

I used to think that overeating was pretty much a sin and should never be in my vocabulary ever again!

I used to think that food freedom meant I had to do everything perfect and there was never going to be overeating, or thoughts of restricting, or days where I am not fond of what is staring back at me in the mirror, or any hesitation whatsoever when it came to food.

I also used to think that girls should never poop or fart or speak about bodily functions and now I talk about that ALL the time so…you see my point, right?!

Which means…I am here to debunk a common myth that I hear come up quite often when I tell my clients that overeating is completely NATURAL!

Say what?!

Yup, I am saying it loud and clear so the little bitty voice that is only a whisper right now and telling you, “You no longer need to be perfect at this thing called life and intuitive eating,” can be HEARD!

Fasten your seat belts, put your sunglasses on, and pull down that visor because it’s about to get LIT up in here! (please don’t judge my sense of humor)

I share ALL the details in the video below!

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💜 Katie
Certified Holistic Health Coach
Intuitive Eating & Mindset Mentor

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