Why getting uncomfortable leads to food FREEDOM!

Who hates the thought of being uncomfortable?

Do the feelings of fear, anxiousness, overwhelm, and nervousness send you running for the hills?

I definitely don’t like them either!

We tend to become ‘comfortable’ in the life we’ve made for ourselves, even if it no longer serves us anymore.


Because we know it, we get it, we understand it, it’s a safe place for us, and we can ‘control’ it.

I am here to tell you, if you truly want to break free from food obsession and live a life where you are confident, happy, joyful, accept you for you, radiate from within, take chances, be adventurous, and are able to ENJOY life…then my dear, you will need to get UNCOMFORTABLE!

In this video, I share with you the reasons why getting uncomfortable will lead to food freedom!

If you are finding that you spend too much time worrying about the what ifs, the unknown, and the things you can’t ‘control’, hop on over to my free Facebook Group-Eat Freely to Live Freely!  Just click HERE to join!

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If you found this video helpful, make sure to life and comment below!

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