Holiday Food Permission Guide to Keep You Stress Free!

Oh how the holidays are supposed to be meant for enjoying and spending time with loved ones but are often riddled with anxiety, guilt, shame, and stress!

I used to be the person who brought my own food to a holiday get together because I didn’t want to disrupt my ‘IBS.’

On the other hand of the ‘black and white’ world I lived in I would also eat way too much food because it was the one and only time to eat this stuff so I must EAT. IT. ALL!

I would then obsess about how I was going to either exercise ‘off’ the consumed calories or plan out how I was going to restrict for the next week to compensate for everything I was about to eat.

I would become my own worst enemy when it came to food and body policing and I would only acknowledge the negative thoughts that came into play.

I can honestly say I no longer stress over the food eaten during the holidays because I give myself permission to eat freely!

In this video, I share with you my Holiday Food Permission Guide that will help you do the same!

To all you lovely and amazing ladies out there! If you are looking to join a group of like minded women who are all on the path to break free from food obsession, click HERE to join my free Facebook Group- Eat Freely to Live Freely!

I can’t wait to meet you! ❤️

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