Why being ‘perfect’ around food is never worth the heartache

Guess what?!? You don’t have to be ‘perfect’ around food to break FREE from that obsession!

My clients and myself are exact PROOF of that!

Life will throw you curve balls.

Life will send you down a windy and hilly path.

Life will knock you down.

But one thing you do NOT have to do is be ‘perfect’ while living in it!

Recently, I have been quite stressed with life and I was finding myself mindlessly eating from time to time.

Since I know my triggers and I know what my old habits are, I can quickly acknowledge when I am reverting back and make the decision to STOP!

Once I was aware of what was going on, I did this amazing thing…I changed my thoughts!

I realized WHY I was mindlessly eating and took action to change it!

In this video, I share why trying to be ‘perfect’ in life and with food only leads to heartache and how you can break free from it!

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