Why ‘Forbidden’ Foods Keep You Stuck

Raise your hand if you have a list of foods you deem:
‘junk food’
‘off limits’
‘my fat foods’

My list used to be SO long!

I wouldn’t allow myself to eat anything that I thought would make me gain the slightest amount of weight. Literally an ounce of weight gain would send me over the edge!

You can imagine that the foods I ate did nothing other than keep me hungry and obsessed with them even more!

Once I finally realized that food is just food and literally burned my ‘forbidden’ foods list, I gained back the freedom!

In this video, I talk about why ‘forbidden’ foods keep you stuck and ways to break free from them.

If you are ready to break free from food obsession, head over to my Facebook Group-Eat Freely to Live Freely! Click HERE to join now!

Who’s ready to get rid of their ‘forbidden’ foods list?!

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