5 LIFE note cards to keep you on track

There are so many times when I used to get overwhelmed and stressed thinking about all the things I needed to get done in the day. I felt like my mind was just filling up with more and more things and I was always 5 steps behind at completing any task. I always thought everyone else had their lives figured out and I, the one and only one, somehow missed the boat on that! Let me share a secret with you, “NO one does!” If you honestly think people who appear to have all the answers actually do, they really just have hidden note cards in their pockets! Those note cards remind them what in life ‘really’ matters!

When times get tough and you feel like there is no life preserver being thrown your way, reach in your pocket and pull out your note cards. Everyone needs reminders! These note cards could be on your phone, in your pocket, in your purse, or where ever you want them to be. Just make sure to have them at all times because they WILL come in handy!

Here are my 5 note cards! Steal them if you want or make your own! Whatever works to help you remember there’s always hope, even in the presence of darkness.

I pretty much look at this note card EVERYDAY!! I used to live in the ‘safety’ of my perfectionistic ways. If I kept doing what I was ‘only’ good at then life would be great! Boy, was I positively WRONG! I was constantly bored and always looking for something else. I was really living in a world of unfulfilled potential. I would get excited about something I knew I could do, get the hang of it in record speed, get bored because I wasn’t challenged anymore, and then end up being angry at life and myself for feeling like I could never be happy. I was not venturing out of my comfort zone and actually challenging myself to fail at something! I was always petrified at the thought of failure and it paralyzed me! NOT anymore! Today I wake up and get excited about what’s in store and what new possibilities are out there. It is never too late to start stepping out of your comfort zone. Only dreams and adventures live in that world that you normally are just looking through the peep hole at. OPEN the door! SMELL the fresh air! and STEP across that line you have always been afraid to. It could be the one step that leads to great things! STOP being scared and START being brave!!

Negativity used to consume my every thought. If I had even one bit of positivity in me, the negativity would jump on it and destroy it. Enjoying anything seemed too much of a chore and in return,  I would just give up! It seemed like such a daunting task to stay positive. It wasn’t until I realized that ONLY I could control the outcome of my life and I decided to fight back! “Change your thoughts…change your life!” WAY easier said than done by the way! This wasn’t an overnight phenomena but a constant daily action that I partook in until it finally stuck! Half of the time I had NO idea how negative I was being. My husband finally started to point it out every time and after I was getting reminded NUMEROUS times during the day, I finally realized how much negativity really consumed me. I decided to change the way I thought about things. Instead of being fearful of something, I became EXCITED. Instead of getting upset over things I couldn’t control, I decided to SHRUG them off. If you’re like me, you didn’t just wake up one morning hating the world. That kind of thing takes time. Do you want to know what the awesome part is?! YOU can change it! YOU can rewire you brain to think positive! How COOL is that!? Just remember, small steps lead to bigger steps which lead to leaps and bounds which lead to pure JOY!

Finding your purpose in life is much easier said than done! I kept searching and searching and always seemed to come up short on what I felt like I was ‘supposed’ to be doing. I would draft an idea after idea after idea and NEVER be satisfied. It wasn’t until I just stopped ‘forcing’ my life to happen and just opened myself up to what possibilities there were that I found my true passion! A passion to spread the word of self love, positivity, and empowerment to anyone willing to listen! I DO NOT want to keep my gifts to myself. I am not selfish in those ways. I want to GIVE my gift to others who are still struggling to stay afloat. Others who have not yet found their true calling BUT keep searching. Just remember to keep an OPEN mind. Living with your arms opened and NOT closed will only allow you to access your true potential more readily. Your gift might surprise you but will never betray you. Your gift is meant to be shared!

Have you every thought, “How can this really be the cards that I am dealt?” or “What am I supposed to do with this?” I used to have those questions constantly overwhelming my daily thoughts. Nothing seemed to make sense. I constantly kept searching for more but always ended up empty handed. I felt if I didn’t have ALL the answers at this very second, life would just FALL apart! The confusion drained me, the tears overwhelmed me, and I thought life as I knew it would NEVER change. Not until I finally realized that happiness would lie in the imperfections, did I make a leap towards uncertainty. Walking down a path of the unknown is NOT meant to make sense. BUT it is meant to lead you to discover your FULL potential. It will be full of bumps, pot holes, sharp turns, uphill battles, and downward spirals. It will NOT be monotonous and it WILL build character. You will NEVER reach the end because there is NO end. Like the quote says, “Someday everything will make perfect sense”  but life is not filled with dead end roads. There are always improvements to be made, lessons to be learned, and stories to be told. So continue to be confused, BUT smile anyways!

Remembering you are beautiful seems like an easy one BUT it is not for everyone! I can honestly say I never ‘felt’ beautiful. I never looked in the mirror and saw beauty. I never saw someone that deserved happiness, to be loved, or to live a life of joy. I always felt like I was doomed to be unhappy. I had given up fighting. But one day something changed. I wanted more! I wanted to be able to look in the mirror and see what everyone else was seeing. Not just SEE it but BELIEVE it. I wanted to love every curve, cherish every blemish, and treasure every wrinkle. Self love is a powerful emotion but it doesn’t happen without fighting for it. I fought my eating disorder and the mindful tricks it would play on me. In the beginning I wouldn’t win every fight BUT I never gave up. I always kept coming back until it finally got easier. It wasn’t a chore anymore to say I was beautiful. I now stand up straighter, walk with intention, and claim the room when I enter. I am owning MY body, MY mind, and MY presence in life. I do NOT have an ego, but I DO have confidence. Confidence in knowing I AM beautiful!

I have just given you 5 key note cards for every day life so use these if they work for you or create your own BUT have note cards! They are a necessary reminder that life is worth living and there’s always a purpose, even if you can’t see it yet. Through my struggles I found happiness. Through my hardships I found serenity. With my never ending will to keep fighting, I found joy. I have never felt so free and empowered to make a difference. I will KEEP fighting. Not ONLY for me, but for YOU too!


Let’s be real here, looking at this adorable face, named Pancake, keeps me on track and loving life just as much as my 5 note cards! Had to add this one in for good measure! Just had to.

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