Why taking action is key to staying motivated

MOTIVATION… How do you get and stay motivated?! This could be in any area of your life. Not just about food, exercise, or your career. This could be getting out of bed 30 minutes earlier than usual so you have some time for self care. It could be going to your favorite market that’s a little bit of a drive but has your favorite fruits and veggies. It also could be finding time to enjoy the simple things in life even if it means some other areas of your life take the back seat for now. Motivation will show itself everyday and taking action is key!

Now, I never really had a problem with getting motivated, BUT my motivation would last for like 2 minutes and then I was back where I started. That was NOT nearly enough time for me to get motivated long enough to take action. It was a vicious cycle of getting excited about something one second and then losing it just as quickly. Going through those emotional roller coasters was really daunting and draining and it sucked the motivation right out of my life!

It led to major frustration, self doubt, and disappointment. Getting motivated to get out of bed excited about the day was a small thought that never seemed to make it to reality. Wanting to cook nutritious food was now a chore. Putting on a smile everyday was a task not worth completing. Getting motivated about finding a career I loved and was passionate about was an idea that just kept slipping further and further away. Constant thoughts of, “Why bother, you’ll never be happy,” or “You’re just doomed to be sad for the rest of your life,” flooded my every thought. All that negativity really takes the fun out of living AND getting motivated, even for the simplest things, was like having to carry a 100 lb backpack weighing me down every step I took.

BUT something changed and my thought process literally made a complete 180! How did that happen you ask? Well, one day I wanted something more out of life. I was sick of feeling like crap all the time. Everybody says life’s short, BUT I say life is long! Feeling depressed and unmotivated for at least 50 more years seemed horrible! A life of doom just wasn’t in my cards anymore. I don’t want my future son or daughter to live in a world like mine. I would want them to be proud of their mom and know that anything is possible!

I knew I had more to give than a regular 9-5 job. I knew I had a purpose that I just hadn’t tapped into yet. Knowing it was up to me to make that change got me motivated. Only I could make the necessary changes to figuring out my true unfulfilled potential. Only I could decide that living a life that did not excite me or bring me joy was just not worth it anymore. Settling was a thing in the past. Change was needed and I made it happen!

It’s not an easy task to keep yourself motivated BUT it is possible. Focusing on incorporating little things in your life that keep you moving towards the big picture is key! For me, something simple like enjoying my cup of coffee every morning in the comforts of my own company is what excites me. It is a form of self care that I enjoy every day! Being able to splurge every now and again on a tasty new fruit or dessert keeps me motivated to continue nourishing my body with whole foods. Knowing I am making a difference and inspiring others to find a long-lasting healthy lifestyle keeps me motivated to continue my journey with health coaching. Knowing I have words to say and a life story to continue writing keeps ME motivated to withstand some hardships along the way.

Everything good or bad in life happens for a reason and making the best out of those situations will lead you down either a path of joy or despair. I choose joy. I choose to finds ways to keep me motivated and continue living life. I have good days and I have bad days. I am not perfect but everything in life is progress. Progression towards a life I wake up everyday excited about living. Joy is an emotion that isn’t innate. It is learned and if for some reason you struggle with that emotion, I am here to tell you it can be found again!

SO, what’s your motivation?! What changes are you willing to make in your life to stay motivated towards the life you want to live? What won’t you compromise in order to continue to travel down the path of joy and happiness? It’s never too late to seek your true passion in life! Stay motivated friends because life has fun stuff in store for you!

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5 thoughts on “Why taking action is key to staying motivated

  1. Motivelina says:

    With posts like this, words #nevergiveup gain new meaning. I can relate to your situation because while trying hard to do many things at once I started feeling unmotivated. I hope the lack of energy is only temporary and I will regain the balance soon. Thank you for this post 🙂


    • joyfulbeets says:

      I love #nevergiveup!! My husband and I were lost trying to find a campsite once until we went down ‘never give up’ road and it made for a good laugh and a way to stay motivated! I always feel like I can multitask like a mad woman until reality sets in and then I have to refocus and choose accordingly. You’ll get the energy back! Just make sure you find time for yourself 🙂

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