Why ’embracing the suck’ during a bad day is a good thing

Yesterday was an interesting emotional day. I want to share what happened because I know someone reading this will be able to use my experience and see they aren’t alone.

I woke up, enjoyed some tasty coffee with my husband and everything seemed to be going great. We were enjoying our coffee and watching old episodes of The Office. Our morning was actually quite enjoyable.


For some reason, out of nowhere, it felt like a wave of sadness filled up every ounce of my body and my mood changed in an instance. I didn’t know really what to think at first so I just kept going about my day. My husband and I went to get groceries and my emotions kept getting darker and darker. I just couldn’t get out from under them and they took over.

At the grocery store, my husband and I got in an argument over a can of tomatoes. Really? A can of tomatoes. Now in hindsight the argument had nothing to do with tomatoes but it was an outlet for me at the time. An outlet for that one little ounce of positivity that had not been squashed by the negativity to scream for help! Screaming for a life line to anyone who would listen.


I just couldn’t stop crying and feeling sad. What’s worse is that I ate some food that flared up my IBS and getting rushing waves of brain fog, haziness, and extreme fatigue didn’t help the situation. I ended up taking a 2.5 hour nap and when I finally woke up I still had an overwhelming sense of sadness.

My husband is an amazing man who through our many years together can pick up on my subtle ‘sos’ signals, usually before I even realize what is happening. My husband tried to talk to me but I just wanted to shut down. He didn’t give up though and I am glad he didn’t. I finally just said out loud, “I am just not having a good day.” He replied with, “okay, you’re feeling depressed.” It really wasn’t until he said, “you’re feeling depressed,” that everything started to make complete sense.

Yes, I was absolutely feeling depressed. For me, my depression tends to sneak up on me and I don’t always catch on immediately. There’s a reason why I say my husband is an amazing man. He knew something was off and kept at it until ‘we’ figured it out.

save me

It was like this massive weight was lifted off my shoulders when I realized my depression decided to make an appearance in my day. Acknowledging it at face level gave me back the power. The power to take back the good day I was having and finishing it like how I intended.

Once I “embraced the suck,” so to speak, and just let myself experience those emotions of sadness, I could then live through them and move on. I wasn’t trying to fight them or hide from them. Those methods just don’t work. You will have good days and you will undoubtedly have bad days. Both are completely worthy of your attention.

My husband asked if I wanted to watch a funny movie to help cheer my spirits and I did. It helped! During the movie I could feel my mood was being lifted. Afterwards, we made some homemade pizza and kept watching movies all night.

The main and the most important piece to take from this is acknowledging when you have bad days and “embracing the suck.” I wasn’t trying to hide behind the fact that I was quite depressed yesterday because trying to keep all those emotions internally only creates havoc inside. Allowing yourself to feel those emotions and let them pass gives your body that chance to release. Giving yourself the empowerment back to keep trekking on is literally a feat in itself.


Now, my day didn’t go as planned. I didn’t get almost anything I wanted to accomplish done yesterday, but that’s okay. Today is a new day to tackle life. Has yesterday happened to me before? Yes! Will it happen again? Yes! Do I let it stop me from living life? No! You shouldn’t either! Days like yesterday have happened before and they will happen again. I wont let them stop my life from moving forward and you shouldn’t either.

Living life is a massive balancing act. You can try to have every little thing planned out to a tee, but road blocks will continually appear and force you to take another path. “Go with the flow” is something I used to never do, but it has helped tremendously when days like yesterday appear out of thin air.
Today is a new day. Today I feel more confident than ever that I chose the right career path for me. My personal experiences fighting depression will only help you fight yours! Just remember, I am only one message away from being the person that will help guide you through the maze of life! Email me at katie@joyfulbeets.com and let’s fight depression together!


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