Perfectly Flawed

I decided to try my hand at writing a little differently with this post. I have always had difficulties verbalizing my thoughts and feelings BUT that never stopped my mind from racing a million times a second. I have always loved to write because getting my thoughts on paper and out of my mind gave me peace. I titled this poem ‘Perfectly Flawed’ because it fits exactly with how I view myself now. I have always aimed for perfection and never wanted to have any flaws. That way of living only lead me down a dark and dreary path. I actually have ‘perfectly flawed’ tattooed on me but I guess I never really believed it until now. I have found a new way to live life where sunny skies, colorful flowers, and nature’s music gives me peace of mind. Living in a state where a majority of the year the skies are filled with rain, finding beauty elsewhere gets me through. Beauty lies within and “somedays you just have to make your own sunshine.”

The body is beautiful
every imperfection is love
every roll, wrinkle, blemish has its own story
every flaw has lived its own journey
my body is my canvas
my canvas is misshapen by my mind
my mind is misshapen by my need for perfection
why does perfection consume me?
why do I look away in the mirror?
why do I scream inside?
why do I cover up with fancy clothes?
why do I paint happiness on my face?
why don’t I stand up straight?
why don’t I embrace my imperfections?
my every roll, wrinkle, and blemish
why do I struggle to see the beauty that is me?
today that changes
today I stare into the mirror
today I smile inside
today I stand up straight
today I paint with color
love is the beauty within
within I am whole
within I am pure
my struggles don’t consume me
my struggles lift me
my flaws don’t define me
my actions define me
I act with grace and tenacity
I dance with passion
I sing with joy
I live in harmony
I am beautiful
I am courageous
I am brave
I am perfectly flawed


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One thought on “Perfectly Flawed

  1. Karen Kneisler says:

    Yes, dear daughter, you are beautiful!!! I have always felt so. I love your poetry – you have so many talents. What a wonderful way to express yourself. Love you!! And love the tulips!! So beautiful!!

    Liked by 1 person

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